Community Connections: Uniting all of Dallas in who we serve and who we walk alongside while serving.

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra League, founded in 1946, has a long tradition of volunteer and fundraising support for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. The League is proud to be part of the successes of the Dallas Symphony; however, it recognizes that greater efforts need to be taken to create a volunteer organization that is more inclusive and reflective of the city of Dallas.
The League stood proud with the Dallas Symphony, as they honored those who lost their lives to racial violence and injustice through a public concert in partnership with Dallas Black Dance Theatre and Project Unity in November 2020. 
As an organization, the DSO, which the League supports, is committed to prioritizing change for equity, diversity and inclusion across the institution. The DSO has outlined a comprehensive plan to address this important work.


As Kim Noltemy, the president of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra said, we are "completely committed to moving the organization's inclusion and diversity efforts forward as quickly as possible."

As a League, we reflect on the last 75 years of supporting the DSO's exemplary educational and outreach programs through fundraising efforts such as the Presentation Ball and numerous other events. Considering the profound effect these efforts have on our community, we acknowledge that we can do more to cultivate and honor incredible women in Dallas, who come from diverse cultural backgrounds, have diverse interests, passions, and thoughts and are interested in using their gifts for the betterment of Dallas.